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Currently has operations in J & K, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, M.P., Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, We work for Political parties, MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants and provide them with tools and services to help them prepare for elections as well as manage their day to day activities.

Services Overview

Services for Party
1. Ticket Distribution –
Conducting detailed research in the constituency at the Polling Booth or the Panchayat / Ward Level (as desired) to assess who is the most popular and accepted candidate by the public, party workers and other important people.
2. Opinion Poll – Conducting an opinion poll in a scientific manner which will include response from all areas and different group of people based on caste, economic strata, age, education etc.
3. Issues – Assesing the relative importance of relevant issues and gauging their impact on the parliamentary or assembly elections.
4. Customized Study based on specific needs of the party in a particular area.

Services for Individual
The Area Research and Voter Profiling: It covers every single booth of the constituency (covering 2.0% of the voting population) and within the booth different segments of people are targeted; according to the caste/religion, education, economic strata and age. The questionnaire will focus on the following parameters:        

E-campaigning involves reaching out to the Voters directly using the New Media. Internet and Mobile Phones are the emerging media which the Company leverages for its clients.
Thousands of Voters can be reached in one day and can sends messages on behalf of the leader on festivals like Diwali or occasions like elections. The message can be a Voice Call or an SMS sent.

The company has a database of mobile phone and land line numbers across India. It is possible to design a micro campaign addressing residents of a particular ward for a municipal election or reaching out to voters across the state.
Data Analysis: The data collected from the field work will be collated and a mathematical model will correlate the field data with the past election result. A SWOT (Strong, Weak, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis will be carried for each polling booth and focus areas will be selected. A comparison between the strength of the individual vis--vis strength of the parties will also be undertaken.