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CIMS Software:- This data from the study will be presented in a user-friendly form by means of the Constituency Information Management System developed by our software team. The client can view all the relevant data, from the whole constituency or from a specific area, in one view and decide on the best course of action. This will save his valuable time. CIMS assist the Political Parties and individual Leaders to manage information of the constituency and can be used to manage political works like -

  • Tracing the development works, Political Position.
  • Analysis of strong and weak booths.
  • Level of Jansampark.
  • Activity of Party Workers etc.
  • Village level caste equation.
  • Election result and influential people.
  • Maintain the relationship with voters.

Using the software the Leader can stay in touch with the party workers over phone and sms which helps politicians to make a winning strategy and maintain a strong position.

  • Features :-  CIMS software can be install as a

    • Standalone system (Desktop Application).

    • As a Web based application that can be fetched from any system through internet .

Voter List Extractor:-Software can extract the voter data from the PDFs released by Election Commission and store that in a Database. The software can also family linkage amongst the voter and create a Family Tree.

  • List of Head of the Family.

  • List of Voters Below 35.

  • List of Voters of a Particular Caste.

  • List of the Voters Added / Deleted in the Major Revision.

  •  Address Labels of Voters.

  • Family Wise Voter List.

  • Voter Slips.