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currently has operations in J & K, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, M.P., Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, We work for Political parties, MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants and provide them with tools and services to help them prepare for elections as well as manage their day to day activities.

Services Overview

Services for Individual
The Area Research and Voter Profiling: It covers every single booth of the constituency (covering 2.0% of the voting population) and within the booth different segments of people are targeted; according to the caste/religion, education, economic strata and age. The questionnaire will focus on the following parameters:

Opinion Poll:
1.Public preference about all the active candidates
2. Feedback about all the opponents
Image of the Leaders:
1. About leader’s interaction level with the common people
2. Image comparison with other leaders in the same area
3. Leader’s way of working
4.Preference of the kind of leader the constituents want.
5. Suggestion by constituents to the leader
Image of the Parties:
1. Most active party
2. Most promising party
3. Satisfaction index of present state govt. and central govt.
4. Preference for next election
Party Network:
1. Identification of influential people of each party at the booth level
2. Compiling a database of their contact details
3. Identifying expectations from the party workers
Caste Equation:
1. Assessment of the proportion of voters by religion and caste at the booth level for the rural constituencies
Important Issues:
1. Identifying the unfulfilled promises by the leaders
2. Issues which matter the most to the constituents
3. What kind of national issues matters for voters of the constituency
4. What is their opinion about the major issues like reservation etc.
Developmental aspects:
1. Development carried out in the current term
2. Assessment of satisfaction level of the constituents.
3. Finding local issues, grievances, and demands
Overall Ranking and Satisfaction:
1. Personal ranking in comparison to all other leader of the constituency
2. Satisfaction level from the leader’s contribution

Apart from the whole study, we also conduct small studies in which we meet and take views and important insights from specific people, a list of whom is given to us by the client.